About Us

Learn & Earn at Kent Beauty Education 

We offer a range full of  fantastic accredited beaut y courses to suit every budget.

1. Acrylic & Nail Art Courses

2. Aesthetics/Dermal Filler Courses 

3. 2in1 Hair Extensions Courses 

4. Lashes Russian & Classics 

5. Micro-Blading Course

6. 2 Day Botulium Course

7. Acrylic Nail Course

8. Manicure & Pedicure Course

9. Fat Freezing Courses

10. Permenate Hair Removal Course

11. Fat Dissolving Course

Much more affordable course to come !!

Our courses are aimed at complete beginners with no experience.

Our fantastic courses are affordable and tailored to help kick start your beauty business & further your career wheather it be mobile at home or working in a salon, also to enhance your existing creative beauty skills.

Here at Kent Beauty Education, our surroundings are very comfortable- All products are inclusive.                      


Accredited Beauty Private Educational School

                              Kent Beauty Education Provides fully accredited courses that meet our strict guidlines. 

                                         You can check our curent status as well as all courses we have accredited.  





                                                                             Centre Number: 01-150-291020