Lip Filler Course

What you will learn:

Introduction to hyaluronic acid dermal fillers 

The science of hyaluronic acid 

Hyaluronic acid in skincare 

Hyaluronic acid-based beauty products 

Oral hyaluronic acid dietary supplements


Hyaluronic acid in health 

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers VS botulinum toxin 

Benefits of hyaluronic acid

How does the skin age


Aesthetic treatments with hyaluronic acid 

The lips

The ageing lip

The history of lip augmentation

Revitalisation of the lips

Filler injection methods 


Facial anatomy reminders 

Lip anatomy overview 


Approach to the lips

Lip Augmentation 1

Filler injection for Elevating the oral commissures

Filler injection for vertical lip lines

Lip Augmentation 2

Lip Augmentation 3 including nerve block 

Side-effects and complications

Dermal filler after-care instructions-

This course is fully accredited live online course with in-class training full kits provided

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Gel Course

What you will learn:

Chapter 1:

Nail extension techniques

Chapter 2: 

Anatomy and physiology in relation to nail treatments

Chapter 3:

Preparing the work area

Chapter 4: 

Preparing you and your clients

Chapter 5: 

Essential chemistry of artificial nails

Chapter 6: 

Applying tips to the nails

Chapter 7: 

The UV gel system

Chapter 8: Maintaining artificial nails

This course is online 

fully accredited with full kits provided  - 

Live training.

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Lash Classic Course

What you will learn:

Speed lashing

The Speed system

Speed infills

Perfect graduation

How to bridge gaps

How to improve retention

Last correction 

Creating Uniformity

Creating direction

Clever use of lash curls

Curls to create effects

Assessing clients natural lashes

How to safely use multiple extensions

Flat lashes


Example of how to zone your lash styles

Coloured eyelash extensions

This course is online fully accredited for full kits provided live training

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Acrylic Nail Course

What you will learn

Chapter 1

Nail extension techniques.

Chapter 2 

Anatomy & physiology in relation to nail treatments.

Chapter 3 

Prepare in the work area.

Chapter 4 

Preparing you and your clients. 

Chapter 5 

Essential chemistry of artificial nails.


Chapter 6 

Applying tips to the nails.

Chapter 7 

Applying overlays. 

Chapter 8 

Maintaining artificial nails.

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Lamination Course/

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Injection & Anatomy course/

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Beauty Therapy Course

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Face Body Waxing Course

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Micro Needling Course 

What you will learn 

The history of micro needling

The method of micro needling 

Fractional trauma action 

Indications for the needling procedure  

Needling Contradictions 

Skin structure 

Features of Derma pen devices 

Benefits of Derma pen devices 

Needle length for each treatment 

Procedure protocol 

Micro- needling 

pre-treatment instruction 


Micro- needling Benefits 

Health and safely 

Insurance safely and requirements

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Manicure & Pedicure Course

What you will learn 

Chapter 1 

The modern nail technician education and skills training career routes

Chapter 2 

Related anatomy and physiology the nail unit the function of the nail the structure of the nail the process of the nail growth 

Nail composition and strength, protein calcium and nails.

The Artificial nail and the natural nail

Chapter 3 

Essential chemistry of artificial now systems in the nail industry the chemistry of nail products vapours fumes and Orders the fibreglass system.


Other important chemical reactions in nail systems

Chapter 4 

Preparing the work area using products safely sterilisation and disinfection and sanitisation

Chapter 5 

Preparing you and the clients allergies and over exposure treatable conditions and untreatable conditions client preparation client consultation and assessment

Chapter 6 

Nail tip supplies pre-procedure prior to applying tips on the nails plastic tips ABS plastic or acetate tips

Making the tips important to features choosing the correct tip

Full contact area 

Versus reduced contact area

Apply the tip to the nail cutting techniques blending the tip removing the dust problem nail shapes and how to correct them.

Chapter 8 

Fibre overlay system the structure of the overlay the fibre system fabrication creating the natural looking now problem shapes practice makes perfect after-care advice

Chapter 9

Maintaining nails procedure for a rebalance procedure for infills 

Nail diseases and disorders.

Treating a bacterial infection white spots on the nails 

The removal of artificial nails

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UV Gel Course

What you will learn 

Chapter 1 

Nail extension  techniques 

Chapter 2 

Anatomy and physiology in relation to nail treatments 

Chapter 3 

Prepare in the work area 

Chapter 4

Preparing you and your client 

Chapter 5 

Essential chemistry of artificial nails 

Chapter 6 

Applying tips to the nails 

Chapter 7 

The UV gel system 

Chapter 8 

Maintaining artificial nails

This course is online with full kits provided 

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Fat Freezing Course

This Course is online and in class 

What you will learn:

Health and safety at work act

Management of health and safety at work regulations 1999

Control of substances hazardous to health regulations 2002

Coshh Assessments

Code of practice for hygiene and beauty salons

Sterilisation and disinfecting


Personal protective equipment at work regulations 1992

The provisions and use of work equipment regulations 1998

The environmental protection act 1990

W.E.E.E regulations 2006

The regulatory reform fire safety order 2006

The reporting of injuries diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations 1995

Local authority licensing application

Keeping records


Prevention of cross contamination

Effective cleaning

Disinfection and sterilisation

Appearance of the therapist 

Basic human anatomy 

Skin Facts

Body types and adipose tissue


Body shapes

Why do we put on weight 

Why is it hard to lose weight 

fat and negative effects on health cellulite 

What is cellulite

The introduction to FatFreezing

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Botox injections/ Dermal Fillers

What you will learn 

Injection techniques for glabellar frown lines 

frown lines

Forehead wrinkles 

small lines and crows feet

Lateral Brow lift 

chemical brow lift 

lower eyelid roll 

frown lines


nasal lift 

nasal flare elevating 

The oral commissures

Lip lift

Smokers lines 

Gummy line 

Dimple chin

Platysmal banding

Necklace lines Nefertiti necklift

Masseter hypertrophy

Parotid gland hypertrophy

Parotid gland hypertrophy 

Submandibular Gland hypertrophy 

Gustatory sweating (Frey syndrome)

Profusely sweating underarms 

Profusely sweating underarms

Profusely sweating feet


Management of neuro toxin injection complications

Introduction to neurotoxins 

Neurotoxin preparation

Instrumentation for neurotoxin injections

Neurotoxin injection techniques.

Glabellar frown lines 

Forehead wrinkles

Smile lines and crows feet 

Lateral brow lift 

Chemical Brow lift 

Lower eyelid roll

Bunny lines 

Nasal tip lift 

Nasal flare 

Elevating the oral commissures

Lip fit 

Smokers lines 

Dimpled Chin

Platymal Banding 

Necklace Lines

Pearls of injections 

Masseter Hypertrophy

Submandibular gland hypertrophy

Gustatory sweating 

(Frey syndrome)

Management of injection complications.

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PDO Thread Lifting Expert Masterclass

What you will learn


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The Art Of Microblading

What you will learn

Prepare the treatment area

Prepare the client for treatment

Carry out a client consultation

Carry out a patch test

Carry out MB treatment

Provide after-care advice

Related hygiene health and safety

Related anatomy and physiology



Eyebrow styles shapes and mapping

MB Procedures

What is permanent make up 


Health and safety

Main theory related anatomy


Procedures preparation

The art of Microblading

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The Art Of Nail Sculphering

What you will learn

Sculpturing nail extensions chill and acrylic 

system and forms

Fitting of form

Sculpturing ​with liquid and powder

Sculpturing with UV gel

Remedial sculpturing

Assessment of knowledge and understanding.

Final examination

This course is live online with full kit

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