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7 DayHome Theory Course  

1 Day Practical inclass practical

with model. 


This is a 7 day course before attendance we wish you to be fully prepared and well-informed so you can take away the best  experience possible we provide comprehensive in class learning that is delivered in clear format- Before you attend the practical & theory day.

The course theory paperwork is

easy to read in preparation of your training on completion. 

The complete course is CPD certified.

What is botulinum  toxin?

Botulinum Toxin is commonly referred to as Botox which is used to treat lines and wrinkles on the affrected areas are caused by facial movements such as frowning and smiling.

What does Botox treatment involve?

A very small quantity of botulinum toxin Is injected directly into the muscles that cause lines using a fine needle.

This relaxes the muscle and the skin in the affected area‘s.


The muscle is not able to move as much as the treatment will also 

improve the appearance of existing wrinkles.

Results are typically visible within 10 to 14 days of the treatment and can last between 3 to 6 months.

What does the beginners Botox training course involve-

E-learning or consultation documents video of botulinum toxin treatment being delivered.

Information to help you get started.

This course has been created to provide our learners with substantial knowledge in preparation for the journey into the field of anaesthetics you will be provided with materials and learning that covers skin and facial anatomy.


What is botulinum toxin?

How botulinum toxin works-

Storage and Dilution

Prescribing/ Where to buy your products.

Lines and wrinkles

Patient selection and treatment options case studies product placement managing expectations consultations contraindications  after-care 

practical injection technique and close observation.

To ensure a structured approach to learning a maximum of two students are permitted on this course enabling you to draw upon expert and knowledge of anatomy and treatment options for the face.

This course is structured for complete beginners.




Take your clients lashes to the new dimensions of our Russian volume & Classic Lash training course.

Start in the comfort of your own home.

This treatment is perfect for clients who are wanting high impact volume lashes without having to wear strict lashes.

This is advanced and a fantastic technique under your belt, you’ll be more than an eyelash technician, you’ll be the ultimate lash artist-

A Russian volume & Classic Lash course  is made up of both theory and practical modules the first section of the theory will be completed at home.

Practical training will been held at a later date.

You would have Successfully qualified when you complete all  modules and case study assessment if required.




Our fabulous professional

Accredited-Nail  extensions offers 3/1 techniques.

This  course will enable the student to become fully qualified and professional

enabling you to work directly on your own clients.

Our course is inclusive of a full free kit sent directly to you. 

Sending your proofs via email-

Every student does gets 100% pass.

There may be cases where you would have to submit your work until we are fully satisfied.

You will receive a short welcome session to introduce you to the future career of Acrylic Nail’s .

The course will include anatomy and physiology 


contradictions health and safety benefits of acrylic extensions blending shaping consultations and much more.

Being a professional qualified now technician allows you to gain unlimited access within the beauty industry allowing you to become more independent being your own boss earning your own way to a fantastic rewarding future.

All students finish this course with their heads held up high.

Package Details:

1X Acrylic Powder 

1X Acrylic Liquid 120 mils 

French tips 

100x PCS 

1X Purple dust cleansing brush

1X Acrylic cleanser

1X Acrylic Remover 


Acrylic Nail brush Number 2&8

Nail decoration 

Practised finger X1 

Full training G clamp hand.

Wood stick times X 10 

Cuticle revitaliser oil x1

Nail buffer file X1

Shiny file X1

Nail file times X2

1X small pump dispenser 

1X Acrylic dampen dish

Nail glue X 3

Nail drill variable speed with spare parts X1

2X Certificates are sent via 

1x Post 

1x Email







This is a very exciting course a career for life aimed at  all beginners who would like to join the industry of anaesthetics over the seven days you’ll be reading through the theory materials, you will taught everything you need to know walking away qualified and confident enough to work on your own clients, the course will include detail anatomy and physiology allowing you to gain entry for beauty therapy level 3.

Practical training you are trying to inject lower area of the face softening features of vermillion  borders.

We will send you all the course materials 

Via email,  it should be studied carefully as this will be part of the exam questions in the classroom.

The anatomy and physiology will provide you with a thorough and clear understanding of many systems of the human body and how they interact with each other to create what it is and the way it works study in the muscles in the facial area.




The Microblading is a semi permanent procedure creating hair strokes one by one, there are two methods for Microblading either with a motorised pen or individual strokes,

the hand tool authorises the pen to penetrate the pigment deep into the dermis ultimately lasting longer. 

The motorised tool part is applied to the pigment as close to the surface of the skin as possible.

MicroBlading is a semi permanent procedure that creates realistic hair strokes for fuller and thicker eyebrows.

In the Microblading unit our training will cover skills to analyse the skin and identify treatment contradictions risks and formulate a specific treatment plan to suit client individual needs this would include consultation


The shape of the brow with pre-drawing Techniques and knowledge of the pigments and much more to learn the course is very beneficial for those who want to earn a great career.

This accredited Eyebrow Micro

Blading  course will give you a competitive advantage in your career the theory will cover hygiene general rules work area layout dermatology epidermis dermatology to precautions colour


client dossier pre-drawing Micro

Blading  techniques techniques part two and played position types of micro blading.


which blades to use practice on fake skin retouch the course is aimed at complete beginners.

We supply three kits before the course kits are sent directly to your door.

We advise you on the best products to use 

You will receive two certified certificates.



Our basic waxing course 

Getting started on the waxing course has never been so easy whether you’re looking to brighten up your future, or just starting out in the industry, or looking for a career change or you just fancy something new, this waxing course is the perfect course for you, what’s more the course is accredited through CPD certification service, so upon completion of the course you will see an industry recognised CPD certificate that you can always showcase to any employers, or academic institutions for your portfolio.

This course will cover: Preparation of the application of waxing:

Hair removal

The face 

Upper lip 




The arms 

The chest 



Bikini area 

After-care rules and how to adjust if things go wrong.

When studying this course it is always useful to know that you have the help and support of tutors that want you to succeed in your studies, as part of this course you will receive a dedicated tutor for support and advice.

Your tutor will be able to provide you with unlimited email support to help you answer any questions that you may have whilst you are studying. 

Our team want you to achieve the best grade possible for your future.

This Course requires up to 50 hours to complete the course in full, the course is classroom based-based also home study.

All students will receive free kits with this course which is sent directly to your home for practice before your final exam. 











(Combined) Beauty Therapy Course:

This is 7 day Course of which 5 days is home study & two days in class. 


Acrylic Nails



Soft Waxing

Brow Shape & Tint

One Combination of Hair Extensions 

Advanced Lip Filler Course


Accredited CPD / Beauty Therapy Level 3 

Insurance Details set in place.

The goal of this course is to insipre, and help you develop confidence, prerequisite skills and knowledge that will enable you to be useful in this industry. 

You will learn about client consultation& how to treat clients and how to give effective home care advice.

The beauty course contents include:

Consultations prcedures-


Hair Care-

Pedicure and manicure- 

This Beauty Therapy course is a self paced programme, which takes place inclass.

This is also available 24/7 proving you with flexibility to train at your own pace, whilst studying the theory. 

Your CPD/ Kent Beauty Education certificate can be claimed after the Beauty Therapy Course completion & final exam. 





Kent Beauty Education

This course is £950.00 

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Description: 2 in 1 Hair Extension Course

This course is a 6 day course of which five days home study & one day in class-


​Learn fast! 

Work live on your clients with confidence!

Leave as a qualified professional!

Hands on practice learning until you get it right! 

Learning different styles

Micro Loops & Tape and much more-

Carry out client consultation- 

How to apply full head and half head- 

Step by step instuctions-

Consultations, contra-indications, and contractions.

How to promote aftercare & maintenance of Hair extensions.

Certificate: Accredited CPD/ Insurance set in place.

Kent Beauty Education

£25.00 Non Refundable Deposit 

This Course is £299.00

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Laser & Anesthetics Treatments





Double fast treatment Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing with double handles this is clinically proven to permanently kill all fat cells- 

Fat freezing uses subzero temperatures to destroy all fat cells vacuum applicator freezes fat cells to temperatures of around -6 to -7°C due to the weak structure the fat cells are broken down and subsequently removed from the body through the lymphatic system-

This treatment procedure is very effective, and non-invasive Non-Surgical.

Free 15 minute consultation-

Dissolves fat quickly-

Procedure time per session is 45 Mins

Recovery Time -None

Back to work- SameDay

Duration of results permenate- Maintain good excercise and good diet.

Results can be seen within 3 Weeks

We use top quality clinical machines-

Each treatment is 45 minutes- 60mins 

Free Telephone consultation-


1 Areas   £55.00 per handle 



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Laser Hair Removal (IPL) OPT 

Free consultation and patch test available/  

No more shaving or waxing- 

Procedure time - Depends On The Area

Recovery time -None

Back to work- Same Day

Duration of the results- Semi Permenante

Number of treatments-8

Unisex Laser Removal Services:

The Hair Removal process will see immediate effect-

you will need 6-8 sessions-

Top up once a year-

Ears £10.00 20 Minutes 

Sideburns £30.00 20 Minutes 

Whole Beard £40.00 30 Minutes

Middlebrow £25.00 20 Minutes 

Nose £25.00 20 Minutes 

Cheeks £45.00 20 Minutes  

Feet and Toes £55.00 20 Minutes 

Underarms £50.00 20 Minutes  

Lower half Arms £40.00 20 Minutes

Abdomen £40.00 20 Minutes 

Buttocks £50.00 20 Minutes 

Chest £50.00 45 Minutes

Half back £55.00 30 minutes 

Half legs £45.00 30 minutes

Back and shoulders £75.00 1 hour

Chest and abdomen £85.00 1 hour 

Full legs £75.00  1 hour 

Women’s Hair Laser Removal  (IPL)

Nose Chin jawline upper lip at £15.00 15 Minutes 

Chin and neck £20.00 20 Minutes  

Top Of Lips £10.00 15 Minutes

Full face neck ears £55..00 45 Minutes 

Feet and toes £35.00 30 Minutes 

Half Legs feet and toes £45.00 30 Minutes 

Half Leg £55.00 30 Minutes 

Full Legs £80.00 50 Minutes 

Upper Half arms £65.00 30 minutes 

Full Face Neck 55.00 25 minutes 

Feet and Toes £25.00 15minutes 

Half Legs Feet and toes £85.00 45 minutes 

Half Legs £75.00 30 minutes 

Lower Half Leg include your Feet and Toes £80.00 45 minutes

Under Arm £35.00 15 minutes 

Bikini line £50.00 20 minutes 

Fingers £15.00 15 Minutes

Tummy line £15.00 15 minutes 

Areola £25.00 15 minutes 

Abdomen £35.00 35 minutes                                              Half Back £30.00 45 mins

Chest £40.00 30mins 

Entire Back and shoulders £55.00  45 minutes

Abdomen and chest £50.00 45 minutes 

Full Arms fingers and hands £60.00 40 minutes 

6-8 Sessions Required

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Expert Advice  is offered and we are certain that you will be very satisfied with the services we offer.

 If you want to banish those giveaway lines shape up your body, and create a sensuous look, and lose  tired looks, then please contact us for a free consultation- 

Fat Freezing, Laser Permenate Hair Removal, Fat Dissolving, Derma Fillers, Botulinum Treatments.

We only offer our clients the best professional medical products & costmetic treatments

Botox Treatments

Botox freezes the muscles to stop creases and wrinkles caused by facial expressions.

Botox works on the muscules only.

Takes two weeks for the botox to reach the affected area.

Botox (1Area)   £100.00

Botox (2 Area)  £180.00

Botox (3 Area)  £200.00

Extra areas £30.00 per area:

Derma Filler Treatments

Derma Fillers are for different parts of the body areas:

Derma fillers works straight away - Works on the skin only not the musclues.

Derma Filler is Hyaluronic acid, and similar substances to fill in, or plump areas that have lost volume and smoothness.

Derma fillers are considered effective and the results are longer lasting results from botox overall

The treatment is non invasive with virtually no recovery time necessary, you can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment.

Not permenate, and will naturally breakdown

Derma filler are onlty performed by fully trained certified professionals.

Combine with Anti-Ageing injections for a complete rejuvenation treatment.

Requires no test prior treatment. 

Suitable for vegans.

The treatments can be used to fill minor to moderate  lines and fill in wrinkles, and is especially effective around the eyes, nose, and mouth.

The treatment can be tailored to you and your needs providing the desired  natural look .

What to expect after derma filler treatment:

There may be some slight tenderness and swelling to the site, this is very normal and will subside usually with a few days.

No recovery time is required after derma fillers. 

You can return to daily activities  straight away. 

The occasional bruising can occur, it is usually short term, and lasts for a few days.

After care will be explained after your treatment

Under the eyes 



Hands Double chin


Under arms 






Inner thighs 


Folds on back

Smokers Lines £180.00

Lip Fillers 1ML  £175.00

Nasolabial folds £175.00

Marionette Lines £180.00

Mouth- Chin £180.00

Cheek Enhancements


Rhinoplasty £325.00

Tear Trough (Under Eye) £300.00

Frown lines  £180.00

Brow lift  £190.00

Hyperhidroses Treatments

Hyperhidroses is abnormally excessive sweating that is not related to heat or excercise- 

You may sweat so much that it soaks through your clothes or drips off your hands, this can cause social anxiety and embarrassment.

Here at Kent Beauty we offer free consultations, moving on to your treatment where you will need to Deposit £50.00 




Both Hands:£350.00

Both Feet: £450.00



All treatments are followed by a 2nd top up appointment to see how well the treatment has worked. We use botox to disable the eccrinr and apocrine glands to prevent them from producing and secreting swaet from producing and secreting sweat from the body.

Small injections are injected into the grid patteren via the infected area which blocks the sweat glands.

Fat Dissolving Treatments-

Aqualyx Injections/

Aqualyx is a fat removal  treatment which is non-surgical and an alternative to liposuction.

This product will target fat from certain areas that can be an issue for many men & women.

Aqualyx is an injectable treatment that dissolves in small pockets of excess fat under the skin, which creates dramatic fat removal results in one procedure.

What happens during the Aqualyx treatment?

First you will be given a local anesthetic such as ldocaine, to minimise discomfort.

You will receive mapping treatment to target the areas of fat removal, along with injections with multiple vials(which is enought to target and match the treated area. some people will feel slight stinging sensation, which is not painful. 

The treatment ranges from 15 to 30 minutes depending on how many injections tou have.

You will see results you want within six weeks of a single session, but most will need multiple sessions to see the  fat reduction results.

Small fat pockets on the jowls will need only two to three sessions,  whilst larger areas like thights may require up to eight treatments

What to expect afterwards:

Some patients will feel temporary numbness, and slight brusing which  resolves within a few days to a week, you will be fine to return to your daily routine quickly.

If your face

Double Chin £350.00

Jowls & Jawline £250.00

Chin & Jawline £450.00

Upper Abdomen £350.00

Lower Abdomen £350.00

Love Handles £350.00



Non refundable £50.00 Deposits are required for each anesthetics treatments-

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Laser Skin Treatments/ 1hr Slot Including 15 Min Fee consultation.

Skin Rejuvenation

Pigment Therapy

Acne Therapy

Vascular Therapy 


Kent Beauty Education 

Provides Fully Accredited Courses that meet our guidelines.

You can check the current status as well as all courses we have accredited, by visting us on